Internal Automation

We are seeing a growing rise in the amount of organizations who are automating large portions of their operations through joint CRM, Service and Marketing Automation Platforms. And to be considered geeks who found their cool doing this stuff, we sure do love it!

Here are just a few examples of making this happen!

Birthday and Anniversary Emails – this can be done to customers and to your entire team internally to let everyone know to wish Sally a Happy Birthday. This is a very small lift and one that can add a personal touch to your customer/team engagement.

We Have a New Customer – when a deal or opportunity is closed, it might be nice to celebrate that with your team by alerting everyone that a new project is coming, or a new customer has been added to the portfolio. It could also be nice to simultaneously send a branded email to the customer (or referral) thanking them for the opportunity and reminding them next steps in the process. This is also a very small lift and one that can make the team feel connected to sales as well as ensure your new customer is supplied with branded and relevant information about what’s next.

Client Onboarding – in its simplest sense, this can be done with a rule that issues a series of tasks to your account / production / delivery teams that alerts them to a new project with all of the supply information (client, scope, timeline…etc). The task can be to setup calls, kick off meetings or to simply add it to a job board (and so much more).

Lead Scoring becomes Brand Ambassador Leaderboard – have you ever thought about taking what Marketers do for lead scoring and pointing it at your customers? Wouldn’t it be nice to see who your most engaged customers are, who is reading your content, who is doing up-sells with you the most…etc. The same rules apply here with content attribution as it does with your leads!

Scope Automation – have you ever worked with a sales team that likes to go rogue? We all have, and with good reason – the power of sales comes with realtime decisions, a gut feel, and an art to the conversation, all things that can leave process to the wind. But wouldn’t it be nice to immediately issue an agreement or scope of work as soon as a deal reaches some part in the pipeline. This quote would automatically be tied to your CRM and could be customized with a branded look and feel – well beyond that of DocuSign or the like. This one is almost too hard to even describe the power of until you see it!