How AI Can be an Asset to Content Creators

Generative AI has been making big waves in the media recently thanks to increasing interest (and scrutiny) over tools like ChatGPT, Jasper Chat, and Chatsonic. Easy access to the tools has brought the concept of AI down to earth and made it much more palatable than say, the Terminator days. While you might still be skeptical about the true benefits and “believability” of generative AI – with memories of things like SmarterChild, and the (debunked) yet still hilarious “bot created” Olive Garden commercials, or fear of a dystopian robot-run future, we, as marketers, can’t help but be excited about the possibilities it affords content creators!


What Tools Are Out There for Marketers?

Copy Creation – Whether you’re looking for help to create content for a website, SEO-focused blogs, ads, or social media posts, tools like ChatGPT and Copy.AI can be used to give you a leg up. Part of the magic here lies in knowing what to search for and what tools to use for what purpose, but just give one of these platforms a whirl at a certain topic and you’ll be amazed at what they come up with! Like any AI tool, what’s returned to you won’t be perfect. We find these tools most useful for doing general research on a topic or providing a basic outline for how you might want to structure your content. Regardless it’s a great starting point!

Visual Assets – From brand graphics to ads, to infographics, or even jazzing up a Power Point presentation, there’s a plethora of AI out there to help you create something beautiful! Like any AI, the response is only as smart as the prompt, so knowing when to be specific, and when to loosen the reins for a little more bot-powered creative freedom can go a long way. These AI tools can take a bit of playing with to find your right vibe and balance but it’s easy to lose track of time playing with them. One thing to note, if hoping to use AI to build a brand from scratch, AI created images can’t be copywritten, so best to always use them as a starting point vs. the final product. Regardless, AI design tools worth checking out are Designs.AI, Adobe Sensei, and Uizard.

Video – While video has long been one of the most costly forms of media, AI brings it back into reality for many organizations. That’s right AI can help you create video! This is one where you might need to use a few different tools if you want to go full soup to nuts on an entirely AI created video, but scripts, graphics and even person-centered content through creation of avatars is possible! That said, a lot of these tools still require a fair amount of work to set up, so it’s not likely you’ll want to go full AI for every video, but as with anything, it definitely creates a good launch point before you need that human touch, and opens a lot of doors for the creation of interactive content that might have previously been limited to words on a page or static graphics. Some awesome AI video generators to check out are Pictory, FlexClip, and Synthesia.

Code – This one bridges the gap between marketers and developers but hey, content is content! Tools specializing in multiple environments and multiple languages are popping up everywhere allowing dev teams to move faster and more efficiently. The tools get their power from public code repositories such as GitHub to construct the requested code, but as anyone who’s ever attempted to code knows, we can’t outsmart the computers (no matter how hard we try) and you get exactly what you ask for, so this one is best left up to folks with at least intermediate human coding abilities. Tools worth checking out are OpenAICodex or AskCodi.


Where Things Could Fall Short

This all sounds pretty amazing right? We get it! With so many tools and so many possible use cases, it’s hard not to feel like a kid in a candy store dreaming of all the AI-powered possibilities! But there are a couple pitfalls to look out for as you enter this brave new world…

The first being, not using AI at all. It might feel overwhelming knowing where to start or trusting some of your content needs to a (very intelligent) group of robots, but the risk of not utilizing the tools at our fingertips is even greater. The doors generative AI tools can open up for marketers are vast, as is the scalability it can create on your team. It can allow you to run faster, be more engaging and reach more people than ever before if you use it correctly. So even if you think about sitting it out, you can be assumed your competitors won’t!

Alternatively, over-reliance on generative AI tools could be even more dangerous. With so many diverse and powerful tools, it’s easy to think you could scale down human teams and replace their job duties with tech, but remember AI is not human. Responses from any tool are only as smart as the questions or prompts asked of it, and results are never perfect. While you can and should, use these tools to catapult productivity and abilities of your team, AI generated outputs still require that human touch to ensure accuracy and authenticity.


So if you’re looking to scale your team and test out some marketing avenues you might have been hesitant to try up until now, throw yourself into some of the free trials out there and test out some tools! Even if you don’t even up using them right now, we promise you’ll have fun exploring and brainstorming the possibilities!

Also now is probably the time to tell you this article was written by AI. Just Kidding!