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While our lightest engagement, arguably the most important. Good execution eats strategy for lunch, however without a plan we are flailing in the wind.

Marketing is often thought of as an illusive black box and is regularly in the area of “what has it done for me lately” making it challenging for both the organization and a marketing team. By defining and creating the strategy, producing a visual road map and activation plan we shore up any confusion and ensure we are all rowing in the same direction to achieve the outcomes the business needs.

An Overall Marketing Plan

Most organizations have an idea of what Marketing should be doing (social, website updates, events...etc) or what they want in the end (more sales). Often times the tactics are not aligned with the outcomes desired and we get out-of-sync before we even start. Why are we doing social? Why do we have a website? Seemingly simple questions that are met with widely different responses.

Through our discovery, we take time to understand where we are in the business and where we want to go. As firm believers that it is Marketing's job to blaze a path for sales and that sales is the life-blood of the organization, Marketing needs to have direct alignment to the business objectives. This is often increased revenue, wanting to "look the part", customer engagement, internal engagement, scaling processes. Once we have identified those areas, it becomes much easier to align the correct tactics to achieve those outcomes and back into a quarter over quarter, month over month and week over week activation plan - with KPIs attached.

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A Leads Process

As a leader, you know who your customer is. You probably even know where to find more if and when you wanted to. But does your team know? Can you scale that gut feeling / tribal knowledge?

So many organizations we run into do not have their leads process defined. How leads come in the door (from various channels and sources), who we should be marketing to (MQL), and who we should start to hand over to sales (SQL). Because of this, you fill your systems with junk, waste the sales team's time and become frustrated that money spent on top-of-funnel isn't "working".

Solving this incredibly common challenge starts with a well-defined leads process that has goals throughout the funnel. Doing so gets everyone on the same page and helps us identify which channels we should spend more time / capital on vs which ones we should release into the wind.

Lead Scoring

Ever witnessed the struggle between Marketing and Sales teams. Marketing frustrated that Sales never follows up on their leads while Sales has tuned out Marketing because "all" (most of) the leads they send over are junk?

This very common dynamic is felt across Marketing and Sales teams around the world. And, it all comes down to prioritizing the right information at the right time. In this case, which leads are more likely too close and when. Enter Lead Scoring...

Lead Scoring is a great solution to this problem and an amazing tactic to speed up the close rate of new business. In its most simple form, we can assign a point system to leads coming in the door based off customer fit, behavioral engagement with the brand and our content, understand if they have raised their hand or simply in the research phases. Doing so helps to prioritize which leads we should hand off to sales (SQL) and which leads we should either continue marketing to / nurturing or marking as junk.

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The core of what we do. This deep, intimate work blends the three-legged stool (marketing, sales, and ops) to drive life-time value for our clients. As our most comprehensive service, this includes our automation and marketing work.

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Not your typical (marketing) automation but rather marketing, sales and ops automation through the use of our preferred platform: HubSpot. We automate your marketing for scale, streamline your sales and connect your departments for execution.

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Strategy first, road-map second, execution third. We understand your business, how to reach your audience and how to to drive conversations. Through our work we give transparency to the illusive word "marketing" with real outcomes.

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