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The classic push and pull of marketing to sales handoffs is a real thing. We often walk into situations where leads are sent over to sales without first being qualified and leads not being followed-up with by a sales team because they have been conditioned that those inbound leads are indeed not ready for closing.

Through our work with our clients, we implement an easy to follow yet methodical leads process from Leads to MQL to SQL to Opportunities to Closed/Won/Lost. While organizations might call the different stages different things, the need of defining what is what and who is accountable to which stages persists across ALL organizations.

Lead Qualification

With any client we work with, we set up a lead scoring and grading process. We do this by assigning a point system to the content and engagement of that content a prospect might have. The higher the score, the more engaged that prospect is in our content and if it’s with the right content, the higher their buying intent is.

For less qualified prospects, we implement nurture programs. For higher qualified prospects, we send over to sales in automated ways that trigger lead assignment rules based off product interest, geo location, sales type and so much more.

This single aspect of what we do builds trust between marketing and sales and turns them into a machine working together to qualify and close faster and faster.

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Nashville Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Just because a potential customer is in our sales pipeline does not mean we need to stop marketing to them. In fact, this is the prime time to reinforce conversations with them and drip them helpful content like roi calculators and or follow up materials and presentations. This is also a great time to invite them into our editorial content tactics like webinars, workshops and customer focus groups.

Pipeline & Contract Automation

With the rise of CRM technology comes the ability to automate your pipeline and contracting process. In doing so, we have the ability to help the sales team keep the focus on where it should be – those that need touch points to get across the finish line.

Nashville Marketing Automation
Nashville Lead Generation Firm

MVMT 360

The core of what we do. This deep, intimate work blends the three-legged stool (marketing, sales, and ops) to drive life-time value for our clients. As our most comprehensive service, this includes our automation and marketing work.

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Nashville Sales Enbalement and Automatio

MVMT Automation

Not your typical (marketing) automation but rather marketing, sales and ops automation through the use of our preferred platform: HubSpot. We automate your marketing for scale, streamline your sales and connect your departments for execution.

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Nashville Revenue Cycle Agency

MVMT Marketing

Strategy first, road-map second, execution third. We understand your business, how to reach your audience and how to to drive conversations. Through our work we give transparency to the illusive word "marketing" with real outcomes.

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